Янв 29, 2011

Analog Tape Emulation

Мода на придание цифровым миксам аналоговой теплоты и сатурации всё не стихает. Вслед за Universal Audio с их имитацией легендарного Studer A800, ещё несколько разработчиков представили свои плагины-эмуляторы магнитной ленты.

CDSoundMaster VTM-M2

До 15 февраля 2011 года его можно купить по специальной цене: $149

CDSoundMaster is pleased to announce the release of the VTM-M2 «Vintage Tape Machine» VST Plug-In. This Plug-In represents over five years of research, testing, and development, and more than a year of additional coding and development, and represents a collaboration between Michael Angel and Michael Heiler, also know as «Mx2», or «Michael Times Two».

The VTM-M2 is a saturating tape compressor, capable of high end mastering-quality limiting and tape compression, and multi-track tape uses from subtle to heavily driven gain. It represents a new level in realism for tape compression, and is the long-awaited «3rd stage» tape compression for use with CDSoundMaster’s R2R and TB+ Program Libraries for the Nebula Pro Plug-In.

The VTM-M2 is the first Plug-In of its kind and it represents our original development process called «Virtual Interactive Signal Chain Technology», where the response of the Plug-In is completely based upon the musical element that it processes. The entire technology is based upon how electronics sound and adapt to real musical content.

Syncersoft & Softrave TapeHarmonizer

Цена: $59 или 44 EUR

TapeHarmonizer enriches sound with the creation of new harmonics using a unique psychoacoustic algorithm: cross-modulation of harmonic operators and imposition of new frequencies. This plug-in is based on the technology of enriching low and mid frequencies used in the BassBooster and GuitarBooster plug-ins with a Moog-style warm analog-like filter used in the TM — 200X synth (version 1.8).

The idea was to create an emulation of a professional Reel to Reel sound that can make your sound warm and analog-like but still clear and brilliant. With TapeHarmonizer you have control over 4 bands of frequencies. You can also play with the filter to emulate frequency response of tape, to create special old tape effects, that’s why filter controls have MIDI learn. Or you can use this plug-in just as a phat analog-like filter.

This plug-in was inspired by psychoacoustic research of Shlejonkin Alexandr and Russian works on mathematical physics.


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